midjourney old man using ipad and using headphones

40 Midjourney Prompts for Realistic Images

Published 2023-07-22

To create a realistic image in Midjourney, we only need to add:

  • “photo of”
  • “--style raw” or
  • Have the name of a camera / camera lens as part of the prompt

There a times when we don’t do any of these things and the image still turns out realistic style, but we usually get what we want more often with a more specific prompt.

Here are 40 fun prompts you can use to create realistic images in Midjourney. You’ll probably have to reroll or create some variations in order to get good hands sometimes.

Some scenarios where we want realistic (photography style) images and Midjourney is currently very good at creating them:

  • Ecommerce - create backgrounds for products or create product mock ups
  • Web Design / Blogging - pets, scenes and topics
  • Stock Photos / Advertising - travel, cars, anything that doesn’t involve a lot of people with their hands 🖖🤙🫷
  • Education Material - studying, books and stationary
  • Corporate Slide Deck / Annual Statements - sustainability and personas of professional looking people
  • Advertising Material - backgrounds, items and stock people doing activities
  • Social Media - realistic photos of something that doesn’t exist

These categorisations are a broad stroke, we could really justify many of these images in many categories.

Prompts for Social Media

Scroll stoppers of things that don’t exist but look realistic

A baby skydiving in the sky. The baby should be wearing a small skydiving suit with a helmet and goggles. The sky should have fluffy white clouds and a bright blue background. The baby should have a joyful expression on their face, with their arms and legs spread out as if they are enjoying the experience. The image should be vibrant and full of energy.

midjourney baby skydiving

Hyper realistic cyberpunk portrait of black man with short curly hair in neon blue and pink futuristic city

midjourney black man cyberpunk

In an office space, a robot and a man shake hands. Both are dressed in office clothes photo, realistic, 4k, 35mm

midjourney man shakes hand with robot in office

a building in a street is made of Calacatta Marble walls, minimalist images, new york school, modular design, award-winning, minimalistic design

midjourney marble building

award winning architectural photography: opulent spacious new contemporary minimalist villa entrance hall located in maldives blended with a lush tropical garden, billionaire, brutalist modern, in the style of futuristic curves:: award winning architectural photography: double height huge entrance hall, billionaire, brutalist modern, hyperealistic

midjourney modern villa entrance opulent and spacious

Home design, Kids Room, Interior Design in the style of a geometric, polymorph, Cutest vibe, colorful, magical, whimsical, surreal, fantasy, detailed, complex, polished, 8k, Octane Render, Unreal Engine, Realistic, Abstract

midjourney kids room whimsical

astronaut, surfing, big wave, award winning photography, hyper realistic, less water spray, modern space suit, nasa, hawaii, surfboard, longboard, less cables

midjourney astronaut surfing

Prompts for Web Design / Blogging

Remix these prompts for your website or blog perhaps.

supermodel, kawaii aesthetic :: shot with [Minolta Hi-Matic] :: in the style of outrun :: in the style of pulp comics

midjourney pink girl in the style of pulp comics

photo of golden labradoodle jumping to grab a frizbee

midjourney golden labradoodle jumping

hummingbird feeding through a fuschia flower, high speed photography

midjourney hummingbird

A multicolor background with colorful macarons in vertical stripe bold chromaticity

midjourney macaroons

Old person that’s great with technology

midjourney old man with ipad and headphones

Lakeside cottage in newfoundland, canon 5d mark 4

midjourney lakeside cottage

Instagram model at the snow

midjourney woman in the snow

Photo of a stock broker looking at candlestick charts on a computer, he looks stern, he’s thinking

midjourney stockbroker with candlestick charts

University student, studying at the library, photography

midjourney student at the library

A radiant woman walking along the water’s edge at sunrise, the soft morning light casting a warm glow on her sun-kissed skin. The calm sea and colorful sky form a picturesque backdrop. Captured with a professional cinema camera, using a 24-70mm lens, aperture f/5.6, ISO 400, shutter speed 1/60 sec --style raw

midjourney beach sunrise with woman facing away

Portrait of Vietnamese couple at their wedding, 4k, in wedding hall, wearing black wedding suits and white dress

midjourney vietnamese wedding

bowl of tonkatsu ramen, on a wooden table, looking over molten lava, photo from apple iphone 14 pro

midjourney bowl tonkatsu ramen

woman walking towards the camera from a moutain trail, Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM

midjourney woman hiking away using fisheye lens

The captivating ambiance of a cafe with an image showcasing a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, the barista’s artistry through beautiful latte art, while the steam rises gracefully from the cup, the coffee on a rustic cafe table, surrounded by the cozy atmosphere and the blurred background of patrons, the lighting accentuates the rich tones and textures, creating an inviting and authentic cafe experience Sony A7R IV, 14mm f/ 1. 8 lens, 4K ultra realistic, 8k

midjourney cup of coffee

Prompts for Advertising Material / Stock Photos

Anything could be classified and stock photo or used in an advertisement, this category can catch everything.

Boujie lifestyle image showing an old - fashioned luxury car. The location should be at the entrance of a luxurious mansion

midjourney classic car

Grandfather, at least 70 years old, dancing in a nightclub, he’s wearing youthful clothes, he’s doing moves that are surprising for his age

midjourney grandpa dancing in a club

Effiel tower at dawn, sony a1

midjourney eiffel tower

Gorgeous 20 years old blonde girl riding a bike. Pony tail. Wearing jeans shorts and a white tank top. Beautiful smile. sharp focus, sony a1, f/ 2. 8, sprite - effect

midjourney girl on a bike

A beautiful six - year - old German girl in a dress, holding her beloved bunny in her arms, sits in a clean, sunny room full of detail and movement. full body image, Cinematic lighting effects are used throughout the frame, resulting in highly detailed and realistic shadows. It’s a stunning 8K footage shot through a 35mm lens, full of drama and shock. The whole scene is very realistic, as if jumping off the paper

midjourney young girl holding bunny rabbit

epic horse race, at the melbourne cup, sony a7

midjourney epic horse racing

photo of male model, on the runway, Burberry men’s coats

midjourney male model burberry coat

Modern interior similar to Frank Lloyd Wright, bedroom, minimalism, big window, panoramic window, pure glass, forest view

midjourney modern bedroom with forest view

A contemporary study room with a single wall art frame, the art is exquisite

midjourney modern study

Antique tintype photo by Gertrude Käsebier and Ansel Adams, a gold miner from the 1900s, wearing a hat

midjourney old photo of a gold miner

Photo of Gleb Goloubetski, creating a scene with his paint knife, in the style of Gleb Goloubetski

midjourney painter doing an oil painting

Lakeside cottage in newfoundland, canon 5d mark 4

midjourney lakeside cottage

night time shot of the inside of a front console of a honda accord filled with orange smoke, in the style of meme art, low-angle shots, lightbox, kodak vision3 100t, functional

midjourney front console of a honda accord

Prompts for Ecommerce

Maybe you need ideas to mock up a new product/shape/design? Or perhaps you want to generate a background or something to go along side your current images? Here are some ideas.

Fashion mockup | GENRE: Lifestyle | EMOTION: Stylish | SCENE: A man wearing a high-quality grey t-shirt for a mockup design, with a focus on the high-resolution texture and details of the clothes. The man is positioned facing away from the camera looking over a golf course, with a shadow effect adding depth to the image.| ACTORS: Man | LOCATION TYPE: Golf Course | CAMERA MODEL: DSLR | CAMERA LENS: 50mm f/1.4 | SPECIAL EFFECTS: None | TAGS: fashion, mockup, lifestyle, stylish, high resolution, high-quality t-shirt, shadow effect, yellow background

midjourney man wearing a golf polo

3 different pieces of wood and a vase, in the style of dark sky - blue and dark beige, light bronze and white, texture - rich surfaces, polished concrete, linear precision, pastoral charm, luminous quality

midjourney vases with charm

holographic minimalist glass high heal shoe on holographic background

midjourney holographic high heel shoe

green and gold perfume bottle on transparent background

midjourney green and gold perfume bottle

Prompts for Corporate Slides / Materials

Sustainability and personas. Not exactly diversity though. I did try to get a group photo of a diverse group of people looking at a whiteboard, but it couldn’t generate all the people and have their hands and faces looking normal. I think Midjourney and maybe other AI models aren’t great at this yet.

Sustainability, one little plant in the soil

midjourney little plant growing in the soil

30 year old woman, ceo of successful startup company, in the office at work

midjourney woman ceo in the office

30 year old it professional, works at Apple, explaining a concept on a glass whiteboard

midjourney it guy


There you have it, 40 prompts of varying people, creatures, objects and places. Hope they give you some inspiration to create what you’re after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone see your Midjourney art?

In many cases yes. If you’re in a public Discord channel, everyone in that channel can see your images and if you have don’t pay for the Pro or Mega plans, everyone on midjourney.com could potentially see your images.

There are two ways to hide your Midjourney art, using stealth mode and deleting your images.

  1. Deleting your images. You could hide your images by generating them, saving them to your computer then deleting them by reacting to the discord message with the cross mark emoji (❌). Someone trying to view your images has only a small time frame to somehow find your images.

  2. Stealth mode prevents other users viewing your images on midjourney.com. Remember to use a private Discord server or direct messages. If you’re using a public discord channel, people in that channel will still see your images. Stealth mode is only available with the Pro or Mega plans at the time of writing.

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